Our natural cosmetics

In addition to our desire to produce natural cosmetics in a sustainable way with the help of permaculture, we also want it to contain only what really belongs in it. We have defined some criteria for this and summarized them in our PUR principle:

Our PUR principle for pure natural cosmetics

When developing our cosmetic products, we always ensure that each ingredient may only become part of the formulation if it also makes a noticeable contribution to the effect.  This means quite concretely:

No token quantities! — Cosmetic products are often found on the market whose packaging advertises an ingredient that is contained in the product itself only in minute quantities that can be rounded down to zero.  Note that these ingredients do not contribute to the effect and serve only for marketing purposes.  Pay particular attention to the fragrance (“perfume”) position in the list of ingredients.  Everything that is listed after this is usually only contained in the per mille range and does not contribute to a positive effect of the product on the skin. Of course, we do not use these token quantities.

No additives! — Because now ingredients of cosmetic formulations in our opinion should really contribute to a positive effect for the skin, we also do not use additives that, for example, only serve the appearance, but would irritate or irritate your skin.

The consistent implementation of this purist idea has the following benefits for the users of our products:

  • Higher effect of the product as a whole, because all ingredients actually contribute to the effect.
  • Higher tolerance, because there are no additives that irritate the skin and are usually unnatural.

Adherence to these criteria results in high-quality small batches, which makes the processing of high-quality raw materials economical in the first place.

This results in the highest quality at acceptable prices.